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Khamba, also spelt Khemba, is a tribe living in Singa Circle of Upper Siang District. According to Wikipedia, they live in the following villages (all these villages are along the Yang Sang Chu Valley).

No Villages Pop Census 2011
1.         Lango Not found
2.         Mangkota 177
3.         Nyukong 112
4.         Tashigong 117
5.         Yorton 118

These villages are located on high altitude (1100m). Mangkota village is famous for Devekota Monastery. High profile politicians go there to seek blessings (see report of a traveler).

This small tribe of about 500 people is not well known and quiet. In fact, browsing the State’s newspaper, AP Times, one would find only one mention regarding Khambas. That was when the monks objected to the NHPC (Hydro Project) for obtaining false NOC. Otherwise, there is silence.

I met a highly educated person from this community and became a Christian while on his studies. Later he went on to become the leader of the Baptist Association for the whole of the North East. Perhaps, other than him, the whole community appears to be completely belonging to the Buddhist faith.

Searching for a photo of the tribe, I could not find many options on Internet. Perhaps the tribe is less photographed.

Someday I hope to visit this beautiful place and people.

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