Singpho are one of the tribes that spread across countries where they are called Kachin in Myanmar and Jingpo in China. Even in India they reside in five districts: Changlang, Namsai/Lohit Districts of Arunachal Pradesh and Sibsagar, Golaghat and Tinsukia District of Assam.

A research by Baruwa (2013) compiled as many as 31 villages in Assam and 42 villages in Arunachal Pradesh. Another researcher from Dibrugarh University, Machey (2013), when planning the field work listed 30 “highly concentrated” villages of Singpho. May be the other villages are less in numbers or shared with other community members.

According to Baruwa (2013), the 42 villages in Arunachal Pradesh includes Namphai, Miao Singpho, Pisi, Gagam, Ningrang, Lewang, Hamuk, Phup, Bordumsa, Wakhetna, Goju, Dirakna, Gidingna, Gallinja, Balijan, Kheremkha, Wagun-1,2,3&4, Dapkhu, Saimo, Kherem Bisa, Deobil, Ning-ru, Wagun, Namsai Singpho, N-den, N-phum, Munglang, Namgoi, Unbang, Project, Insha, Tingwa, Innao, Dragna, Payong, Sikao, Duleng, Wakro, Tezo Singpho, Imbu, Dimaba and Kharsang Singpho

1. Balijan
2. Bordumsa Bordumsa Changlang
3. Dapkhu Bordumsa Changlang
4. Deobil Namsai Namsai
5. Dimaba
6. Dirakna Bordumsa Changlang
7. Dragna
8. Duleng
9. Gagam
10. Gallinja Changlang
11. Gidingna
12. Goju Bordumsa Changlang
13. Hamuk
14. Imbu
15. Innao Diyun Changlang
16. Insha Namsai Namsai
17. Kharsang Singpho Kharsang Changlang
18. Kherem Bisa Bordumsa Changlang
19. Kheremkha
20. Lewang Miao Changlang
21. Miao Singpho Miao Changlang
22. Munglang Lathao Lohit
23. Namgoi Nampong Changlang
24. Namphai Miao Changlang
25. Namsai Singpho Namsai Namsai
26. N-den
27. Ningrang Miao Changlang
28. Ning-ru Bordumsa Changlang
29. N-phum
30. Payong
31. Phup Miao Changlang
32. Pisi Miao Changlang
33. Project
34. Saimo Bordumsa Changlang
35. Sikao Miao Changlang
36. Tezo Singpho Tezu Lohit
37. Tingwa Chowkham Lohit
38. Unbang
39. Wagun Bordumsa Changlang
40. Wagun-1, 2, 3, 4 Bordumsa Changlang
41. Wakhetna Bordumsa Changlang
42. Wakro Wakro Lohit

In the table above, I have added the columns “Circle” and “District” with the help of internet. I could not verify several of them (Indicated by hyphen – ). There is one Singpho village I know – Dumba Singpho – which did not find its place above. There could be some more villages not listed above. Also possible the spellings are given differently that made identification difficult.

The Center for Policy Studies mentioned that according to Census 2011 there were 5,616 Singpho in Arunachal Pradesh. Out of that, 5,385 belong to Buddhist religion. That means this smaller number of people are widely distributed. A school teacher informed about 4 to 5 families resides in each village.

Good description on Singpho:

  • Machey, Ashwini. Socio Economic Characteristics Of The Singphos: A Study Of Assam And Arunachal Pradesh. Published at IJMRR, Nov 2013.
  • Baruwa, Anita. 2013. Singing the Singpho Song. Provides details of the Singpho living in Assam.