The Lishipa are sometimes mentioned as Lish Monpa, Kishpi (autonym), or just Lish.

Perhaps, this is another least known tribe of Arunachal Pradesh. The first time I heard was when I met a team of sound recordists who wanted to record stories in the language in 2014. Since then I gain no more learning about them until I started searching for the names of tribes in the State.

The Joshua Project says the “The Lishpa Monpa, who actually call themselves ‘Kishpi’ in their own language, are considered the most different of all the Monpa groups in India.” In that line, the Wikipedia says they are ethnically related to Chugpa and Monpa but linguistically related to Sherdukpen, Sulung, Bugun.

This tribe is found in three villages in Dirang Circle, West Kameng District namely Lish, Lish Gompache and Lish Gompalok.  The Census of India 2011 gave the following population by villages.

No Name of Village Population
1 Lish Village 937
2 Lish Gompache Vill. 203
3 Lish Gompalok 92


On source said the main Lish village is just 2 Miles from Dirang town. Looking at the map, the Kameng River runs through the Dirang Circle. And Dirang Headquarter is a major tourist transit town for those going to Tawang.

This community is adherents of Tibetan Buddhist.

For more information:

  • Those interested from Christian perspective, Joshua Project gives very good description.
  • For a quick overview from the linguistic view, Ethnologue gives good facts.